Trailer – How to Get a Girl Pregnant

How to Get a Girl Pregnant Theme Music

Enjoy our beautiful theme song by the amazing Lido Pimienta and Kate Reid. Music and lyrics by Alejandra Nuñez.

How to Get a Girl Pregnant is a frank and funny memoir about a dyke trying to get pregnant. First a book and soon to be a short animated film.

Author Karleen Pendleton Jiménez has known that she was gay since she was three years old and wanted to have a baby for almost as long. But how is a butch Chicana lesbian supposed to get sperm? Picking up men at nightclubs and restaurants? Asking queer male friends for a donation? Using sperm banks dominated by blue-eyed and blond-haired donors?

This candid and humorous memoir follows Karleen’s challenges, adventures, successes, failures, humiliations, and triumphs while attempting to fulfill her dream of giving birth to a child. It is a confession of desire, humility, and the search for perfection.